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Bonsai - invoices & contract tool for freelancer - free link list

Bonsai is not only a very cool name, it is also a very cool tool. 
Bonsai is an online service to create your proposals, set up contracts, track your time, invoice and receive payments and collect your expenses and reports. They are not the first ones having a solution for this problem, but their solution comes in a beautiful design and some nice usability features. It is made for freelancers and for the US market. 

What problem are they solving?
They found out that freelancer get paid later than other services, that it is time consuming to prepare proposals, that it is painful to set up contracts and to stay organized. With Bonsai you can set up easy invoices, automatic reminders for your invoices and the client will receive a browser link with the invoice in it. 
With a flexible layout you can set up your proposal in minutes, including timeline, fees and online approval. They recommend you to offer different package which the client can choose from by a single click and approve your proposal or leave a comment. They offer you a great overview, what invoices are open, overdue and your overall incomes. 
Well done! 

Hello Bonsai