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Why I decided to take a course in digital marketing


A UX designer creating websites without knowing how Google & Co are working.  This was my roundup, when I finished my UX Design education and whilst working in a startup creating digital content. 
I was able to deliver a wonderful website, but beside usability the copy is as important. While working very close with the marketing team I learned about many useful tools. I decided, I want to know more.
What can I do about it?
You need to know your users and you need to learn from them. If I can monitor my website with the right tools, I am able to analyze and evaluate my visitors and I can adjust the page to attract more visitors and create better content. I know many of the marketing techniques from UX Design, like creating a persona from surveys, creating user flows and creating A/B tests. I am able to set up all these elements, but I wanted to know how to analyze the numbers and take the best decision for the next step.
The digital marketing program at Udacity will teach me how to work with Google & Co. and the best part is, they even teach me how to market the product or service I am selling on my website. I will be able to read all the numbers from marketing and connect the dots for my designs in a much more professional way. Being able to create better content will help me to defend my design or content decisions, because I know what is happening on the user side.

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