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Simpego webshop

Time to change the way we buy insurance in Switzerland



Insurance calculator

What is your paint point, when you need to buy an insurance? Based on surveys and interviews we developed the Simpego insurance calculator. With entering your travel destination, travel time, participants and travel value, the calculator will recommend you the right insurances. You have the option to add or deselect different products.





Business case

Simpego is not an insurance. When you buy an insurance at Simpego, you will be insured with a product from a well known Swiss insurance. Instead of researching online, meeting a broker in person and reading tons of papers, they simplified the process and made it digital. Simpego preselects the insurance products for you and provides you the easy to buy process. They offer short term and long term insurances with a fixed contract termination date. 



Creation, iterations, prototyping and testing

With a team of different backgrounds and experts in insurances we created the concept and calculated 6 sprints of one week time. On Mondays we redefined the product in workshops, on Fridays we tested the revised concept with users. 



What we learned


Packages and individual settings
At some point of the iterations we had predefined packages against individual settings. Packages were preferred, but users also wanted it individual. For this reason we created the recommended insurances for the destination, but with the possibility to deselect it.

Insurance without cancellation
The users were surprised and insecure about insurances without cancellation. With our travel insurance it is suddenly possible to insure a 3 days trip. Some users found it interesting, some not. We believe that our system is made for the individual people who like to buy insurance for a limited time and don’t want to be insured all year around.

Difficult to connect to the app
In all the iterations we tried to promote the app at the end. Users did not understand the additional benefit of the app.
We collected useful information of what they would like to have in the app. The app will need some redefining to create more value.




Key elements

  • Recommendations by destination

  • Automatic termination of contract

  • Individual selection

  • Clear and easy to understand contract terms

  • Online contract, no signature


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